Friday, November 11, 2011


Note the statement below and the date. Throughout much of 2009 I aggressively lobbied the established literary community to sign this Petition, whose purpose was to take one small step toward democratizing literature. I sent hundreds of emails, and scores of flyers, postcards, and supporting information to every literary and publishing name and address I could find. NO ONE from the approved established lit scene cared to or dared to participate. What does that say?

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Thank you-- and thanks to the brave writers who did sign the Petition.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


WE the undersigned petition PEN American Center in New York to democratize their organization by appointing, as Trustees, not solely writers who are entwined with book companies owned by media monopolies. This includes writers who've dissented against the established U.S. literary mainstream. We ask all writers, from all backgrounds, to sign this Petition, including current PEN members and Trustees, in the interest of realizing the PEN mission, voiced by PEN's Larry Siems, of "bridging intellectual chasms and cultural divides."
PEN was created as an organization to protect and defend dissenting, outcast, and marginalized writers. PEN American Center makes this its mission-- except in America itself! In these economic hard times, impoverished writers shut out by the monied academies and conglomerates are in worse shape than since the 1930s. Democratizing PEN's board will aid the hope that as a designated charity, PEN's concerns and financial largesse not go to already successful authors like Philip Roth, but to talented writers facing real hardship.

-Karl "King" Wenclas
-Tom Hendricks
-Frank Marcopolos
-Lisa F. Falour
-Francis D. Walsh Jr.
-Patrick King
-Madrea Loy
-Jaria Cecil Sowl
-Fred Wright
-Ann Sterzinger
-Richard Cummings
-Rita Webb
-Emerson Dameron
-Brady Russell
-James "jimmy the hyena" Nowlan
-Bill Blackolive
-Jim Wittenberg
-"Crazy" Carl Robinson
-David S. Pointer
-Tony Christini
-William W. Haywood
-James Chapman
-Kathy Brandon
-Ernie Brandon
-Mindy Mageors
-Ross Vassilev
-David Blaine
-G. Tod Slone
-Cassidy Wheeler
-Kevin Keck
-Jacqueline Sarah Homan
-Natalie Wychozowycz
-Sandy Hildebrandt
-John Rodriguez
-Adriana Husta
-Wendy Stevens
-Nanette Rayman Rivera

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